A Philosophy of Dreams

"A Philosophy of Dreams" or Travels through Times and Places

‘A Philosophy of Dreams’ is in the bookshops now! Available as paperback and you can also purchase it, where ever you are in the world, as e-book.

The English Edition of the German Original from 2004 is a truly global one. Written in Luxembourg, USA, South Africa and on the Isle of Man, translated in the USA, proofread and edited in Luxembourg, cover designed in Dublin, layout made in New Delhi, India, and last but not least published and printed in England. The story doesn’t just take you around the world it has been created throughout the world.

A life story? A life's voyage — not a commonplace or at all a regular one.
With enthusiasm and curiosity about the world, the author takes the reader on his journeys, both near and far: childhood, teenage years and adult memories are not simply narrated in chronological order. Experiences thoughtfully arranged — dream flights — make it possible to navigate between different times, worlds and spaces. As an adult, the author sets out to find the places which inhabited his childhood as cherished toys — a famous fort, an American ranch, to name only a few examples. And when he finally explores a place that he has long yearned to see, he is just as excited by the famous tales of South Seas adventures as he was as a boy with his nose in a book.

Inquisitive and open to all sorts of surprises, the author takes readers along on his voyages, so they can take part in his worlds. ‘Do and experience’ is his motto. It is as if the idea ‘Don't dream your life, live your dream’ were coined just for him.
A life's journey through the stages of school days, the confusions of adolescence, the adventures, opportunities and prospects of the grown-up years. The joy of being in motion and the desire to weave tales generates a unique spirit of adventure. The author takes the reader along for a ride that is as exciting as it is amusing, dramatic, romantic and fantastic.

Author: Ulrich Krentz
Paper back edition: 272 Pages - £12,95
Publisher: Authors Online Ltd (16 Nov 2009)
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0755211898
ISBN-13: 978-0755211890
British Library: catalogue.bl.uk

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